About Us

BITS Pilani has a history of producing world-class leaders and innovative entrepreneurs since its formation in 1964. We, BITSians, learn management along with engineering at BITS. This is the reason BITS is honored with the title of 'Pioneering Institute for Start Ups'. The BITSians have brought revolutionary change by introducing 'the Start Up' culture in India.

Old but apt - 'Necessity is the mother of invention'. When we go through some trouble then only, we realize the importance of its solution. We are no different.

In India, 'cakes' are substitute for 'celebration'. Be it birthday, wedding anniversary, festival or any other occasion, the first thing that we decide for our celebration is Cake. But ordering cakes was so difficult. There was a great need of an online portal for bakeries through which one can select the bakery of his/her choice, choose appropriate cake from the menu and place the order.

We are a bunch of problem solvers, who when faced a problem in ordering from neighborhood bakeries gave birth to BitsCakeWala.com

And, here we are - BITS CAKE WALA