An Interview with BitsCakeWala

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself and how you formed BitsCakeWala.

BitsCakeWala: Well, I am a BITS Pilani graduate in Computer Science, worked with global software giants like Yahoo! & Oracle.

Few years back, I was trying to place a cake order for a friend on his birthday from his favorite bakery, who was living in a different city. I searched a lot on Google, but failed to find one good website through which I could proceed with the order placement. None of the website had an option to place an order directly from a particular bakery. So, I came up with an idea to develop a platform where all bakeries can register and accept orders online.

BitsCakeWala kind of just happened. I wanted to develop a marketplace for bakeries that had a great balance, and so I focused on developing a web application for the same and started collecting data from the bakeries, starting with a particular region in Noida.

I met a lot of bakery owners and presented my idea to them. They loved my proposal of accepting cake order online on their behalf and forwarding those orders to them. They were ready to provide any kind of support to make this happen. That was the moment when I kind of felt that yes, I am making a difference. I was so inspired by their support, co-operation and acceptance to this idea.

Interviewer: Finally someone filled the gap in the market- is that what drove you to it or what’s the concept all about?

BitsCakeWala: Being an online business gives us many benefits and helps in building it the right way. We get to have an insight of customer behavior by means of what products they visit the most, what products are most ordered, and so on.

Another big advantage is that we cut down on cost of maintaining a shop. It also gives us an eagle eye view of the business and highlights which areas we should concentrate in growing. We are aiming to keep it online until it builds itself and we feel a need to open a store. The vision behind BitsCakeWala is providing light, fresh, and delicious cakes while having an exceptional service.

Interviewer: Do you plan to keep it as on online store? What are the advantages of being an online service as opposed to the latter for you?

BitsCakeWala: At the moment we have no plans of opening a storefront, we see no need for it, we believe you can have a successful totally functional business running completely online.

Our focus is always pointed towards our services. Our next step will be to better our supply chain and expand to other cities as well. We want to perfect our e-commerce business and be known as an online business.

Interviewer: So far there are some cities you provide your services in, when can we expect you expand to other cities and tier-two cities?

BitsCakeWala: As I told, we are currently focusing on achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 100 out of 100. Then, we will start operating in other cities. But yeah, we are talking to bakeries in those cities and collecting data in parallel.

Interviewer: How does it work? Who maintains the product and is it an out-of-home business?

BitsCakeWala: Currently I am working out of my home. It reduces cost and is helping me to have ability to reinvest every buck I make back into growing BitsCakeWala. I am taking care of the website development, marketing, business development, SEO and every other stuff personally.

It works in a very standard way as any other e-commerce website out there. The customer enters the delivery location, selects a bakery and then, chooses the product or more from the menu. We have given the option to make payment online and cash on delivery (CoD) both. Once, order is placed, the bakery is notified. The bakery then delivers the cake depending on what time customer choose - a particular time or as soon as possible (ASAP). Our system automatically saves the customer information they provide and is forwarded to the bakery for a smoothly delivery.

Interviewer: How important is this segment to the Indian food industry? And what do you think of it’s development in the coming years?

Founder: During the last few years, there has been an undeniable boom within the food industry. Education within the field has risen, new concepts emerged, and there has been much media attention. It is wonderful to see that India is adapting hype towards the food industry in its own way. I think in the next few years we will be seeing even more local food businesses spreading around the country instead of additional international franchises. Local brands require more effort because everything is being built up from scratch.

Therefore, people would need to obtain a deeper knowledge and heart towards their work, and that always leads to a bigger impact.

Interviewer: Can you tell our readers why they should choose BitsCakeWala?

BitsCakeWala: Because its awesome! Jokes aside, our brand focuses on providing an exceptional and convenient service. You get to order cake from the comfort of your home and receive freshly baked products to your doorstep. Each one of our bakeries work to provide the maximum customer satisfaction. The treats that we serve are all light, fresh, and taste scrumptiously good. We create lightness by using certain baking techniques and ingredients. All of our products are made from scratch using the best ingredients, and we would never use any additives or food coloring. We will be adding goodies, promotions, and new services in the near future so stay tuned.

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